We keep all things at Kip ‘n’ Go really simple, but even simple things need clearing up. So here we answer your questions to help you understand all this stuff. If we have not answered your questions fill in the Contact Us info and we’ll do our best to answer.

So how much is a Kip ‘n’ Go Accommodation?

Our accommodation is £60 for a tent and £90 for a full tent package. No matter how many nights!

Can I pay a deposit for my accommodation and pay the rest later?

Unfortunately, we only offer a full payment service up front.

Can I change my tent to a package after I’ve already placed an order?

Not online, but if you get in touch with out email info@kipngo.co.uk we will do our best to change your order to add this.

Can I stay if I have a day ticket?

Kip ‘n’ Go customers must purchase a weekend camping ticket for all festivals. Day ticket guests will not be admitted into our site.

Will the accommodation keep me warm and dry?

Sure, as long as you remember to shut the door, you’ll be as snug as. Our tents are specifically designed to deal with winds of speed up to 20mph.

If we book a tent can we put up a smaller tent next to ours to store items in?

Sorry, you can not erect other tents next to your accommodation due to site regulations.

Is the accommodation price per tent or per person?

The prices are for the type of accommodation not per person, even cheaper then!

My order confirmation will not print with a visible barcode?

The barcode images come direct from our web server but you must have full access to the internet to receive this. You won’t have any problems once you arrive onsite as we will be able to find your booking off your booking confirmation and group name – so no need to worry.

So how does the Kip ‘n’ Go Camping service work then?

You book online and after that, it’s over to us. We’ll put your accommodation together and take it down for recycling or re use at the end of the festival. There’s a dedicated Kip N Go team on hand to help throughout the festival. Your job…. have a wonderful weekend.

Do I have to set anything up when I arrive such as the tent or beds?

No, that’s all part of the service. Your accommodation will be ready and waiting for you when you get to the festival. Oh, and you can leave taking it down to us too.

How can I ensure that me and my friends will have Kip n Go Camping located next to each other?

When you book your accommodation, make sure that you use the same “Group Name” for each booking. Please note it needs to be EXACTLY the same. This will allow us to reserve your accommodation next to each other providing you are all using the same style and size of accommodation.

Where will the Kip n Go campsite be located on the festival site?

This depends on the festival you are going to. Please check out the festival page for more information on this, Kip n Go reserves the rights to change campsite location upon the organisers request.

Are all tents pre-pitched?

Yes all tents are pre-pitched.

Does the Kip N Go campsite include Toilet and Shower facilities?

No. But there should be general festival camping facilities near by.

Can I change my booking to be next to a friend?

Unfortunately not, this has to be done at the time of booking.